About Bookmark Indy

Bookmark Indy is a one-of-a-kind literary exploration of Indianapolis through the eyes of the writers who’ve called it home. Explore the city while encountering points of inspiration for Hoosier authors like Kurt Vonnegut, John Green, Mari Evans, Booth Tarkington and more. With BookmarkIndy.com as your guide, learn about Indy’s rich literary culture, experience local art inspired by Indy’s writers and find creative prompts to make your own mark. Who knows—maybe you’ll be bookmarked next!

For more information, contact:

Megan Telligman
Director of Programs, Indiana Humanities


Support for Bookmark Indy

Bookmark Indy, a project of Indiana Humanities, is made possible thanks to generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., the Herbert Simon Family Foundation, The Public Collection and the Arthur Jordan Foundation. The launch of Bookmark Indy in spring 2021 is presented by The National Bank of Indianapolis. Additional in-kind support is provided by Visit Indy, Art Strategies, and SmallBox.


How can I experience Bookmark Indy? 

Bookmark Indy has physical markers at each location and information, photos, videos and other interactive media on the location’s web page. 


How do I visit Bookmark Indy sites? 

You can find the address for each Bookmark Indy location on its web page along with information about riding IndyGo to the site. 


How were authors selected to be featured on Bookmark Indy? 

We chose authors from a pool of writers, past and present, who are from Indianapolis, have been inspired by it and who have written about it. We also considered whether we could “bookmark” a specific site and an Indianapolis-related passage for the author. The chosen authors help portray Indianapolis as a city that provokes inspiration and expression.  


How were artists selected to contribute to Bookmark Indy? 

Art Strategies, LLC, asked several artists to respond to the literary passages featured in Bookmark Indy. They selected a diverse group of artists, both in terms of demographics (gender, race, sexual orientation) and medium (painting, sculpture, digital art, music, dance, spoken word), who are based in or have a significant connection to Indianapolis 


How was Bookmark Indy funded? 

Indiana Humanities created Bookmark Indy with the support of Lilly Endowment Inc., The Herbert Simon Family Foundation, The Public Collection, the Arthur Jordan Foundation and The National Bank of Indianapolis.  


How long will Bookmark Indy last? 

Bookmark Indy will last two to three years, depending upon the wear and tear of the markers at the sites. 


Will more locations be added to Bookmark Indy? 

Indiana Humanities will consider adding locations within the next year if funding becomes available. Share your ideas for Indianapolis authors who should be bookmarked here. 


Will other Indiana communities be bookmarked in the future? 

Indiana Humanities considers Bookmark Indy to be a pilot project. If it’s successful, we’ll consider bookmarking other Indiana communities in the future. 


How can I learn more about Indiana authors? 

Visit www.indianaauthorsawards.org to learn more about the talented authors living in our state. 


Report Back.

Read the location passage. What questions would you ask the author? What would help you understand the author's viewpoint?

Added TEXTure.

Writing is about more than just words. Look around to discover what textures are most prevalent in this place. Do a texture rubbing using a piece of paper and a crayon or pencil.

In the Margins.

What inspires you most about this place? Draw a quick doodle of it in the margin of one of your books.

Found sound.

Walk around the location and record the sounds of surroundings. Did what you hear depend on what time you visited?

Backward / Forward.

Cities change—what did your location look like in 1920? What will it look like in 2120?


Find another perspective by walking to a different spot around this location. Do you notice anything new? Which of your five senses notices a change first?

Strike a Prose.

Write a short passage describing how this place inspires you.

Love Letter / BreakUp Letter.

Think about your relationship with the place you’re visiting or perhaps with your own neighborhood. Is it time to commit? Or time to let go? Write a letter as if you’re speaking directly to the place you have in mind.

Field Notes.

Explore your stream of consciousness by writing down every thought that enters your mind.