“Port Noir in Elsewhere” by Tony Styxx

I have never felt more comfortable than I do in my car…


It’s my ship.


The S.S. NoWhere 7891-A or…just call her The Nowhere.


I feel like Spike, in the swordfish.

Han, in the Falcon.

JeanLuc, aboard the Enterprise.


Even Jack on board the Pearl, ya know….




And the Philanthropes and the Kuplas and the Psalm Trees play the lo-fi melodies that carry me along

this intergalactic journey that I got exposed to passenger in my cousins Park avenue the same color of

the Hal Jordan’s soul


Or the Wakanda drip Chevy ship My brother Allen used to whip from show to show…


We had them White bricks in the trunk, trafficking


Or my favorite ship of all, was a champagne chariot that a Goddess would steer far and near, it ran on

tears, battery was charge by the heart, the heat didn’t work all that well, so we’d spit poetry in

December until I can only remember us riding around in 40 degree weather with t shirts on…


And then there’s my own… Stormtrooper shaded get away glider, gliding through familiar avenues, I

remember most streets by whom I loved…or lost.


And the trains and freighters I glide besides, locking eyes with truck drivers like cargo men, shipping ice

from asteroids or Diamonds from Neptune, so a guy like me can turn a girl like she into Saturn.

And the patterns that traffic lights keep swinging the ebb and flow of traffic reminds me of intergalactic

space stations George Lucas made seem so cool.


Imagine me living downtown and treating it like Tatooine, because every race is different and with each

culture a change, so how are I and Luke not the same…. Hi dad.


The best part? The lights. Something about driving under city lights feels like slipping in between stars,

imagine I and Aladdin had the same Idea. We hustled up some magic, got ourselves a flying carpet, and

whisked away a beautiful girl, out of our league, past the pyramids. He has Jazmine, I have Jackie. And

we’ve both got a monkey on our back.


I play a mellow jazz groove and slip my ship into hyper drive. I turn signal and request permission and

entrance into the lunar loop 465, destination, Meridian Sector. Where the Elysium of Man and dollar

exist as a central hub in a city so vast in its variety how could one NOT feel as though he is living in one

of those space movies….


If you understood half of this poem, you’d understand that 38th street is the galactic lay line and I simply

want to Gene Starwind in this story…


See you space cowboy….


Report Back.

Read the location passage. What questions would you ask the author? What would help you understand the author's viewpoint?

Added TEXTure.

Writing is about more than just words. Look around to discover what textures are most prevalent in this place. Do a texture rubbing using a piece of paper and a crayon or pencil.

In the Margins.

What inspires you most about this place? Draw a quick doodle of it in the margin of one of your books.

Found sound.

Walk around the location and record the sounds of surroundings. Did what you hear depend on what time you visited?

Backward / Forward.

Cities change—what did your location look like in 1920? What will it look like in 2120?


Find another perspective by walking to a different spot around this location. Do you notice anything new? Which of your five senses notices a change first?

Strike a Prose.

Write a short passage describing how this place inspires you.

Love Letter / BreakUp Letter.

Think about your relationship with the place you’re visiting or perhaps with your own neighborhood. Is it time to commit? Or time to let go? Write a letter as if you’re speaking directly to the place you have in mind.

Field Notes.

Explore your stream of consciousness by writing down every thought that enters your mind.